Brochure: SRC-PIM, your single source of truth.

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In today’s world, data quality is of the utmost importance. With more demanding customers, growing e-commerce sales, and tightening legislation, good data quality is the key to convince your audience to buy your product.

Download this SRC-PIM brochure and discover:

  • How SRC-PIM leads to improved processes, preventing errors, saving time & money, leading to higher turnover;
  • The data standards incorporated in SRC-PIM and the ERP systems we connect;
  • How PIM Workflow enables your entire organization to achieve data quality perfection;
  • The 12 most important SRC-PIM features;
  • Our PIM Lite & Works offering. 

Whether you're a data manager, purchaser or CIO, SRC-PIM fully caters to every organization's needs. 

Download the brochure: